Erotica Writing 101


I’m Rachel, and I want to help you get published. I’ve been writing erotica since 1999, when I deciced law school wasn’t for me and broke into the erotic writing market with a short story called “Monica and Me.” Since then I’ve gone on to have my work published in over 100 anthologies and to edit over 60 erotica anthologies of my own, such as The Big Book of Orgasms, Fast Girls, Spanked, Please, Sir, Please, Ma’am and more. I’m also Best Women’s Erotica of the Year series editor. I’ve also spent the last eight years teaching erotica writing workshops in person and online designed to get students writing about a range of erotic scenarios and submitting their writing for publication. Many of my students have gone on to publish their own stories and novels with a wide range of publishers. Now I’m taking what I’ve learned and using it to help you share your erotic writing with the world! Click “Work with Me” to find out more about my services.